Mascara recommendations- must be cruelty free (certified) I really need some Help needed for stick straight downward facing eyelashes. Oh and my eyes are hooded and slightly oily just to add into the mix. I always curl my lashes using the Wayne Goss Method and tight line. Naturally my mascaras are either waterproof for tubing as they are more likely to hold the curl. Products tried after curling. Too Faced foreplay primer = ❌ Dropped the curl Too Faced BTS waterproof = ❌ Dropped the curl ELF lash n Roll = 🆗 - Slight drop but no volume One/Size Fantasize = ❌ (gutted) Dropped the curl GXVE can’t stop = ❌ Had high hopes for this - massive fail - looked terrible. Too much weight. Huda Legit lashes = ❌ Dear lord I swear they looked straight Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk = ❌ Did nothing at all Charlotte Tilbury Legendary lashes original and V2 = ❌ Original looked amazing - but hello 🐼 Had high hopes for V2 = ❌ Too heavy Cover girl super sizer curl= ❌ spiderwebs and went into the downward dog position I’ve had the best luck with Asian Mascara such as :  Heroine Make Curl keep Primer ✅✅✅ Heroine Makeup SP Long & Curl Mascara Advanced Film = ✅✅✅ The issue with these two above is well their cruelty free status is hard to trace  (I tried these before I went 100% CF)  Any suggestion? My stance on CF is unwavering - sorry to be picky. I acknowledge that some brands are now owned by companies such as Too Faced is now owned by Estée Lauder and Estée Lauder as a whole is not CF.. So I support the individual brands within the group that have certified CF status only.
Broken Products (faulty) Is it possible to get a refund/return/exchange in this situation: I purchased a MakeupByMario Sculpting Stick in May 2023 and it started to have signs that twisting it up is an issue in June/July but somehow I managed to make it work so I didn’t do anything. However, Aug 2023 the product is complete gone as I cannot twisted it up at all.I reached out to Sephora and they said it’s more than 109 days so they are unable to do anything.The mechanism to twist it up has broken despite being treated very well and after not much use.  The product is no longer usable since the mechanism broke with the product inside the component and was quite expensive.Does anyone know if something can be done?  #MAKEUP BY MARIO SoftSculpt® Shaping Stick