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Beauty Enthusiast
Good morning lovely people!!! ❤️
Good morning lovely people!!! ❤️
Hey guys, which skincare products would you recommend for oily skin.
Beauty Enthusiast
Hi All. I Have been send to this topic by one of our lovely members, thanks Liz. Maybe this wasn't a free product and I did buy this myslef but I need to share my opinion. After spending (as we all do) x amount of money on eye creams, looking for the one "that one" - magic potion that will help with fine lines and dark circles I can now confirm I did find it. Kiehls avocado eye treatment its a must for me, after only 2 weeks of using it I can see huge improvement- smother skin, less lines and darkness disappearing day by day. Consistence is a key but slapping this under your eyes every night like a mask before bed I don't think it's a lot to ask, leave it to sink in and do the rest of your skincare routine. Took me long to find something that will help me avoid getting botox and this product deffinetly did. I'm so pleased with results. Recommendations- 100%
Hi All. I Have been send to this topic by one of our lovely
Beauty Insider
Does anyone have any good bridal makeup, beauty and hair tips? Anything I need to plan, any good ideas for the day, any great products, anything you wish you’d done differently? I’ve started reading blogs and watching Mikayla Nogueria’s wedding make up videos but I am an obsessive planner so really would appreciate any thoughts so I can start factoring them in! ❤️
Beauty Adviser
Anyone got suggestions on what colour lip shade i should go for i need a change 🥰💋🥰
Anyone got suggestions on what colour lip shade i should go
Beauty Adviser
I’ve been after Charlotte tilburys contour wand for sooo long now and everywhere seems to be out of stock! 😤 I’ve seen tarte have brought their own contour wand out and wondering if it’s any good 🤔 if anyone has tried it I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also when Sephora stock it please consider this a future test 😂🤣👀🤪
On a budget - two new ones to try ✌️
On a budget - two new ones to try ✌️
Just wondering if anyone can recommend some products to help with caking/separation of foundation, no matter what I try my makeup always cakes around my nose and under eye area xxx