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12/11/23-09:19 (edited on 12/11/23-09:20)
The Sephora Favourites Makeup Extravaganza giftset would be perfect for my beautiful mum. Mama G has been set in her ways for years regarding makeup, and I mean set! For years!! (LY Mum 😁) And has only just started branching out with new bits. A lil encouragement always helps. My mum deserves a lil special something to help her focus some time on herself after a tough year and this giftset be a lovely surprise for her under the Xmas tree. I would choose the Sephora Favourites Define Your Hair Routine giftset for myself because your girl here now needs all the help she can get.😊  What was supposed to be giving my bra length hair it's usual trim *sobs* resulted in it ending up as essentially a long bob. *sobs harder*  It kept looking longer on one side than the other so of course I had to even it out... and...just...kept...going... (I've resigned to the fact I just have a wonky head at this point.) I mean I'm gutted, but it's my own fault 😅😅😅  This set may contain a miracle and/or flux capacitor of which I wish to explore. 💛
I would love to gift the fragrance collection, and keep the makeup one to test out some new products 🥰
I want to give the Sephora favourites makeup extravaganza gift set to my bestie Lexy. She would love everything in this gift box and deserves a good pamper.
I want to give the Sephora favourites makeup extravaganza
Hey Sephora, I would love to have sephora's favourites because i can't afford some things and my parents have been struggling with money and we nearly lost or house but by the grace of God we didn't.At school, it wasn't any better people at school call me a dalmation (a dog breed with black spots on it) because i have blemishes on my skin that i unfortunately cannot afford any skincare to fix these blemishes . i want to feel beautiful & I want to feel like a person not a monster .currently i am living with my sister and i am just trying to live life right now so yeah thx sephora♥
Dear Sephora, I would love to have Sephora's favourites, the haircare selection, this is because I would love to give this to my sister. My sister was diagnosed with a medical condition with crohn's disease when she was 11, this is a condition that gets increasingly bad due to anxiety and stress. Two years ago my sister got into a huge flareup and she was put on infusions which made her hair thin, break and become dry, she is still having these treatments and is extremely self-conscious of her hair. As her sister, it breaks my heart to see her be this upset about her appearance and if I had an opportunity to help her in any way I could I would. this is why I would love to have the hair care set so I can help my sister be happy and have healthy hair again
My new fav on exfoliating!
My new fav on exfoliating!
I love eucerin anti pigment day cream, especially in the summer, it is one of the only spfs that doesnt make my skin oily or break me out and is actually effective at protecting my skin from uv!
I love eucerin anti pigment day cream, especially in the
Rising Star
This has become one of my skin saviours! This was kindly gifted to me by La Roche Posay community and its working absolute wonders for me. I can not rate this product enough! 💙💙💙
This has become one of my skin saviours! This was kindly