Beauty Routines
My beauty routine

My beauty routine

I use on daily basis the Mr Organic cleanser to take off all the dirt of my face. Then apply the Lancome's eye treatment and Vichy moisturiser. On weekly basis I do apply a face mask.
Olay Regenerist Day Face Cream with Vitamin B3 & Niacinamide SPF 30; 50ml
LANC�ME R�nergie Yeux Anti-Aging Eye Cream 15ml
Dr Organic Charcoal Face Wash 125ml
ORIGINS Clear Improvement� Rich Purifying Charcoal Mask 30ml
Does your beauty routine have a theme?
My beauty routine
Why do these products compliment each other so well?
Because they take care a holistic care of my face
What’s your beauty secret?
Drink a lot of water