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haircare secrets
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haircare secrets

I think hair care is important because your hair can look good but it might not be healthy so finding a routine that keeps your hair healthy whilst looking good is the most important step to feeling confident and good about yourself.
Garnier Ultimate Blends Plumping Hair Food Watermelon 3-in-1 Fine Hair Mask Treatment 390ml
Nature Spell Rosemary Oil For Hair & Skin 150ml
AVEDA Nutriplenish� Replenishing Overnight Serum 100ml
L'Or�al Paris Elvive Dream Lengths No Wash Heat Slayer Spray 150ml
Does your beauty routine have a theme?
I try to use products that will benefit my hair
Why do these products compliment each other so well?
I use the matching shampoo and conditioner to the hair mask and find they make my hair super soft, shiny and volumized. along side the rosemary oil i use a scalp massager to encourage hair growth and reduce scalp built up
What’s your beauty secret?
My beauty secret is rosemary oil because it has strengthened my hair and encouraged it to grow, it also adds extra shine to your hair