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Going back to basics
08/16/23-05:52 (edited on 08/16/23-05:59)

Going back to basics

My hair story is painful - literally painful triangle mane on my head that my mother used to spend over an hour combing and trying to untangle. I never understood my hair that it was naturally wavy/curly. My efforts of trying to tame my frizzy triangle mess were unsuccessful and I was always envious of silky , smooth hair of my friends. Because tangled nest, I always found it easier to tie my hair up in a bun or in braids and rarely let it down. Third decade into my life was when I stumbled upon this article online which explained how naturally curly hair should be tamed and styled, it then led me onto my new hair journey. I’m very proud today that I let my hair down a lot now and loving getting compliments on how beautiful and naturally curly my hair is. I’ve started the basic routine of natural ingredients, few products, lots of hydration using particular products, lots of conditioner and oils and no brushing on dry hair, not only on myself but on my daughter too. She’s absolutely thrilled with her beautiful curls and is proud of them. I’m grateful for all the knowledge and resources I have to give her a confidence in herself which I never had growing up. Adding a picture of her beautiful hair in comments ❤️.
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Embracing the curls!
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