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Garnier Vitamin C Skincare Range
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Garnier Vitamin C Skincare Range

I love the brightness on my skin from using Garnier Vitamin C skin products. The Vitamin C Micellar Brightening Water, removes make-up really efficiently and intensely cleanses skin of dirt, oil, SPF, pollution & dead skin cells collected on the skin during the day. Very conveniently in just one step. Using products that contain Vitamin C are well known to brighten, soothe and promote healthy looking skin. The Vitamin C products work well together and used as a regular routine they aid brightness and overall skin health.
Garnier Vitamin C Brightening Essentials Set
Garnier Vitamin C Brightening Day Cream 50ml
Garnier Vitamin C Serum for Face 30ml
Does your beauty routine have a theme?
To brighten, hydrate and moisturize the skin.
Why do these products compliment each other so well?
I love all the products in this Vitamin C range. The Micellar Water Keeps skin healthy by removing impurities and is so gentle on the skin. The serum has a nice texture which is absorbed quickly into the skin leaving it plump and smooth. Once absorbed there is no oily or greasy residue left on the skin. It is infused with lemon oil which is known to help brighten and enhance glow. The eye cream has a nice creamy texture that is easy to apply, it is fragrance free and really does help to brighten up the under eye area. it applies smoothly without any dragging of the delicate skin of the under eye. It contains hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and vitamin C so it is gentle, helps to firm the skin and brighten all in one. The moisturizer is light weight on the skin, non-oily and glides on evenly. What I also love about this cream is that it gives a natural glow that looks healthy. It doesn't look greasy at all but it does take a little while to absorb fully. The weekly sheet mask gives an added boost of Vitamin C and hydration as a weekly treat. You only need to leave it on for 15 minutes and your skin gets an instant boost of brightness and hydration. I love these products as they are vegan, cruelty free and very purse friendly.
Whatโ€™s your beauty secret?
In the morning I cleanse my skin with the Micellar Lotion to remove products from my skin worn over night. It effectively removes my night time moisturizing products. Next I apply on my cleansed skin the 3.5% Vitamin C*, Niacinamide & Salicylic Acid Serum. I like to apply this while my skin still has a slight dampness from the cleanser. This aids in giving extra hydration to my skin. When the serum is fully absorbed I apply the eye cream by patting a small amount around the orbital area of both eyes. Next comes the moisturizer to hydrate and smoothen my skin and keep it deeply nourished and smooth all day. The final step is to apply SPF protection to form a protective barrier protecting my complexion from UV rays and pollution. As a weekly treat for my skin I apply a Vitamin C Sheet Mask.