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A healthy glow like no other

A healthy glow like no other

It’s no secret that a certain host of the traitors follows this regime & I can see why, the improvement is incredible! I use at night time, wipe with pad 1, wait 2 mins, wipe with pad 2 then follow with a quick wipe of the alpha beta glow self tanning pad. The difference in my skin tone, texture & radiance the next day is nothing short of miraculous, no other products make this much visible difference, my skin is ultra smooth, radiant and glowing, don’t even need to wear make up !
Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta� Universal Daily Peel 5 Applications
Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta� Glow Pad Self Tanner for Face Intense Glow 20 Applications
Does your beauty routine have a theme?
Glowing skin
Why do these products compliment each other so well?
They smooth & exfoliate skin to ensure that the self tan looks ultra natural and non patchy
What’s your beauty secret?
Apply the alpha beta universal daily peel pads at night followed by the alpha beta glow tanning pads & wake up to an incredible healthy glow