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This chat is for all things we love about beauty. From your favourite beauty trends to recommendations and everything in-between!
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Beauty Newbie
I would share the The indulgence collection with my sister :)
Beauty Adviser
Dove Sumner glow lotion. Nourishing moisturiser that gives a sun-kissed look 🌞 all year round. Very easy to apply and smells gorgeous.
Dove Sumner glow lotion.  Nourishing moisturiser that gives
Beauty Newbie
I would love to win this. Drunk elephant is awesome.
Beauty Newbie
If I was to win this competition I would share it with my mother in law. She has had such a tough year discovering varies different health conditions that have affected her way of life and will continue to do so. She is an incredibly strong woman who’s raised 6 children and works in school! She deserves this pick me up!
Beauty Newbie
if i had to chose someone to gift this to it would be my mum. she is my favourite person and she deserves the world, she’s helped me through a lot and brought me into this world. if it weren’t for her i wouldn’t be here. she hasn’t got a lot of money since she has 5 kids and 2 grandkids so i would love to treat her to a gift
Beauty Adviser
I would choose the Sephora favourites indulgence collection to gift to my friend of over 10 years Lauryn. She helped me in my coming out journey and was always supportive of me no matter what. I would choose the indulgence collection for myself too as it contains a few of my faves ❤️❄️
Beauty Newbie
I would choose SEPHORA FAVORITES Beauty Has No Age Gift Set - it has amazing beauty products with most suitable for sensitive skin, so I know it would make everyone happy!
Beauty Adviser
A product I love is this hydro boost gel cream from Neutrogena, it's lightweight, cooling and gorgeously hydrating 💙
A product I love is this hydro boost gel cream from