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What are your opinions on the milk makeup collection
Beauty Newbie
13/12/23-18:11 (edited on 13/12/23-18:12)
I would share the Sephora favourites bundle with my daughter ,she's great with applying make up and skincare ,so gives me tonnes of tips &tricks . I love sharing beauty pampering with her,she makes it all such fun . We both love Sephora for our products .🤞💗
Beauty Newbie
I would gift the Sephoras favourites make up extravaganza with my daughter as she has had a hard time recently with bullying and deserves a treat. I would keep the beauty has no age bundle for myself as a lovely treat for my skin
Beauty Newbie
I would share the Sephora one with my mum and keep the drunk elephant to my self
Beauty Insider
Final sensitive skin recommendation for the day, I've been using the Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Cream. I had used the Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Lotion as part of a Sephora Community Test and Review and did quite like it, though I was never sure exactly where to put it in my routine. The cream version works really well as a night moisturiser on the sensitive areas of my skin: across my nose, over to my cheeks and on my chin. I always find using a heavy night cream to help with wrinkles is great for my forehead, under my eyes etc, but causes havoc with my sensitive lower half of my face, so I'm trying to split my face and treat areas with different products. The Skinfix cream still feels rich enough to be used as a night time moisturiser and layers well with my other topical treatments without pilling. I find the lower half of my skin texture has become much smoother, and it does feel like a little barrier has formed overnight to lock in moisture.
Final sensitive skin recommendation for the day, I've been
Beauty Insider
Another of my favourites to help with sensitivity from the Dermalogica Ultracalming range is the Ultracalming Cleanser. This is my nighttime cleanser and on days when I don't exfoliate because my skin is too sensitive, I use this in the morning too. The cleanser has a lovely gel/silicone like texture and can be rubbed on with fingertips whilst forming a gentle barrier to reduce skin on skin friction. It helps cool down your skin on application. You can remove it with water, but I personally remove it by wiping it off with tissue, so I don't have to use water on my face. Both the temperature of the water and the water quality can have an effect on my redness and using a tissue to remove takes that stress away. I wipe it away in long, gentle strokes to reduce as much contact as possible. The cleanser works well for a double cleanse after makeup and by using a tissue to remove, you can even see when your foundation has fully come off and make sure you don't leave clogged pores behind. One of the great tips I picked up from the Sephora Dermalogica masterclass earlier this year was to use the cleanser as a cooling mask, which also really helps reduce redness when you're getting ready for bed.
Another of my favourites to help with sensitivity from the
Beauty Insider
Number 3 on my sensitive skincare list is the Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation. I'm a full coverage girlie to hide my redness, and this works really well with just one pump. I use a tiny smidge extra to go over and layer up in the most angry areas. This applies really nicely with a damp beauty blender and doesn't oxidize. It contains a product called CL302, which is a natural ingredient that treats pigmentation whilst you wear it. It's also made up of Vitamin C, which my skin is hypersensitive to usually, but manages to tolerate really well in this foundation, as well as hyaluronic acid and a mineral SPF. It's a matte coverage, but it manages to not look flat, even with such full coverage. It stays on really well throughout the day - I do add pressed powder across my problem areas, but setting this with a loose powder or a setting spray will leave it sticking to skin well without needing a touch up. What I love the most about this foundation is that I feel I'm "treating" my skin with something useful to control my outbreaks whilst still keeping my redness covered. I've been using this in place of my YSL in shade CN10 and it feels very comfortable and light, whilst still being high end enough to wear as a formal occasion foundation!
Number 3 on my sensitive skincare list is the Clinique Even
Beauty Insider
Next on my sensitive skin saviours is the Barrier Repair from Dermalogica. I've used this for a long time to help with sensitive skin and rosacea, and it has several great ways of using: 1. You can use this as an all over moisturiser - or to "spot protect" across your nose and cheeks. It works really well at protecting skin when you're outside in chilly weather. 2. You can use this as a mask - Dermalogica suggest on flights - but I sometimes use this to sleep in when I'm having a bad flare. It only takes a light layer and is also great on fine lines. 3. You can use it as a primer. It sits wonderfully well under makeup and treats your skin at the same time. It has a silicone type consistency which helps with oily skin and holds foundation in place really well. 4. You can use this to help get rid of the remnants of an outbreak in the healing phase. It works really well to soften skin and protect the spot from pollution by forming a little comfortable barrier over it.
Next on my sensitive skin saviours is the Barrier Repair