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Restore Bionic Lotion is a hydrating lotion designed to  smooth and soothe dry, tight and flaky skin. This intensive lotion contains a generous concentration of PHAs to help stimulate healthy cell turnover and encourage more moisture to bind to the skin, in order to relieve the symptoms of eczema on the face and body. Added antioxidants also prevent environmental damage while conditioning the skin to help keep inflammation and dehydration to a minimum. This lotion is surprisingly lightweight and quickly absorbed and is perfect as an alternative to thick or heavy creams. I have dry, sensitive skin, and found that even after only the first use my skin felt smoother and calmer. Initially I used it on my body, but after a few days of positive results I tried it on my face too. As itโ€™s not a heavy cream, it was great to use before my makeup in the morning as it absorbs in quickly. On my patches of eczema, it had a soothing feeling, and after a few days of use it had definitely reduced my flare ups. I also noticed a difference to the small bumps on the back of my arms. Iโ€™m so excited to see more positive results from this wonder lotion as I continue to use it. ๐Ÿ’™
Restore Bionic Lotion is a hydrating lotion designed