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ELEMIS PRO-COLLAGEN ROSE MICRO SERUM I’ve seen a few posts about the new elemis rose serum, so thought I’d give my brief thoughts about it! I purchased this serum about 2 weeks ago and have used daily since I can’t get a good picture of it, but this serum is actually lots of little balls which is an oil-in-serum dual phase consistency that blends together nicely when applied to the skin. Although it has oil in it, it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on the skin and it sinks in quickly to my oily skin type without adding any extra oiliness. It feels really hydrating and plumps the skin nicely This serum claims to repair and strengthen the skin barrier, which is what appealed to me. I’ve been using strong acids on my face for a few years now to combat hyper pigmentation and I’ve found that I’ve destroyed my skin barrier, with areas of my face becoming inflamed and dehydrated. This serum has completely healed the inflammation and soreness I was experiencing so I’d say it does repair the skin barrier and quickly too. The formula is very soothing on the skin Overall this is a pricey serum, and there may be cheaper alternatives on the market which achieve the same hydrating and barrier repair effects, however the feeling of this serum is extremely luxurious, the texture feels very sophisticated compared to other serums, and the results of hydration and barrier repair have occurred quite quickly. I need to continue using this until it’s empty to see if it’s good for anti-aging and filling wrinkles, but I am in my twenties so anti-aging isn’t a huge concern just yet (although my eyes are getting there 😭). It has a really light rose fragrance to it and the overall experience of using this has been lovely. I would 100% repurchase this, it has integrated nicely into my stripped back skincare routine!