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Rising Star
09/05/23-13:58 (edited on 09/05/23-13:58)
A few months ago I was kindly gifted a couple of HUM Nutrition Skin Squad Pre+Probiotic bottles. This supplement claims to "nurture the gut and clear skin of non-cystic acne" thanks to 9 strains of bacteria plus konjac root for balanced gut health.  Having acne-prone skin since I can remember (although not as bad as it used to be) I was very interested in seeing what this product could do for me.  I started taking them last month and after over 6 weeks I can certify that they do help prevent breakouts, as I have had only very few minimal ones and only 1 or 2 bigger ones over the last few weeks. Any rare breakouts I experienced also cleared quite quickly and left no marks on my skin. It is recommended to take 2 capsules daily, which could be a struggle for me sometimes even though they are on the smaller side.  Something I did not love is that they do have an unpleasant smell to them (they are full of bacteria after all) but it was a bit unexpected and could be off-putting for some. There has also been some slight bloating which I can't be sure if the capsules have caused, however if you are looking forward to an important event for which you would like to have clear skin then the HUM Nutrition Skin Squad Pre+Probiotic are definitely worth a try.  Link to purchase:  www.sephora.co.uk/p/HUM-Nutrition-Skin-Squad-Skin-Supplement-60-capsules-30-days?awinid=22773&awc=22773_1693922272_a9ec1e6af1f60c9ee32d94be46ae024b
A few months ago I was kindly gifted a couple