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The treats don’t stop when the holidays do. Our gift to you?
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Lydia @SephoraUK
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29/12/23-11:09 (edited on 02/01/24-12:17)
The treats don’t stop when the holidays do. Our gift to you? The BIG beauty quiz.   To celebrate the festive season drawing to a close, we’re spreading *even* more cheer with our end of year quiz. With a HUGE £150 Sephora Voucher up for grabs, it’s time to rally the Sephora spirit and put your beauty knowledge to the test.  💅 _____________________________________________________________ 1. What is the name of our joy-sparking, multi-brand advent calendar?  2. This year we spread the Sephora love IRL, where are our UK stores located? 3. Which popular London tube line featured in our Meet Me At Sephora campaign? 4. What was our latest hot new brand launch?  5. How many members (closest wins) are in our beautiful Community?  6. Which brand hosted our last digital Pro Class session> 7. Which beauty product was Sephora UK’s best seller on Black Friday? 8. What special date is Sephora UK’s birthday? 9. Who is the founder of Rare Beauty? 10. We want you to sparkle into the festive season, what colour were our Sephora Favourites gift sets this year? 11. Small with big stories, what is the name of our miniature sized range of your fave products? 12. What colour Sephora Collection lip stain do you think Mariah Carey would wear in her ICONIC single 'All I want for Christmas'? 13. Which fragrance brand features the perfect cosy scent for the season? 14. Which new brand would you find Kevin McClasiter browsing for some presents for mum? (hint: location, location, location) 15. Which popular tipple inspired a whole palette from Too Faced? We will announce the winner on Tuesday at Midday. Happy Quizingggg!! x