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Hi community, Hope you all had a lovely weekend! As the
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Hi community, Hope you all had a lovely weekend! As the summer draws to a close, we’ve noticed that many posts are being reported even though the content doesn’t breach our guidelines. Just so you know, we don’t appreciate abusive reports and we’ll have to take action if reports are being made for the wrong reasons. We want all the messaging on community to encourage a positive space for everybody ALWAYS, so if you feel a post doesn’t match the guidelines below, we’d love if you’d report it: • It’s inappropriate (contains abusive, discriminating or violent content) • It’s not qualitative (very low quality picture, GIFs, irrelevant screenshot, picture or text) • It’s promoting offers not available on our website • It’s stolen content (no credits, no authorization to post someone else’s post…) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we continue to share the love! Let me know if you have any other questions around this, I’m always here to help. Love, Frankie xx