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Hello everyone, We're coming to you with a message a little
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Hello everyone, We're coming to you with a message a little different to what we usually post today. As the festive season is nearly here, we would like to kindly remind you that this community has been created for everyone to share your love of beauty products, your tips and tricks about skin care and makeup, and to share your experience with other members in an inclusive, uplifting way, It hurts us to say that we've noticed some of you are adopting behaviours that don’t fit the community guidelines, and if we see this continue we will need to take action. For newcomers or those in need of a little refresh, you’ll find our guidelines here: - Demeaning, hurtful, violent, or discriminating comments - Abusive reports - Insults are not tolerable on the community. As you know, we want all our members to feel safe and comfortable and to be able to post their content without fear. Christmas is a lonely time for so many of us, and we'd love for the community to be a space to connect with other beauty lovers in kindness and care only. Please, remember to be kind to each other, Thank you