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Julia @SephoraUK
04/30/24-08:31 (edited on 04/30/24-08:33)
For Stress Awareness Month 2024 the theme is #LittleByLittle, highlighting that even the smallest steps can have a big impact on our mental health over time.   We wanted to see how well-versed you are in wellness, and hope that this quiz reminds you to put yourself first with a small step today.  1. Which newly launched brand are we reaching for when we want our stress and dark circles faded? 2. Which scent can improve sleep and reduce anxiety levels? 3. Which yoga pose can help to soothe our inner child?   4. What is the simple but effective breathing method called to help us feel less overwhelmed? 5. How many minutes do we need to walk outside to lower cortisol and improve our mood? 6. A reminder that you always come first - what is one of our fave ways to relieve stress naturally? 7. Which body oil are we reaching for to take me-time to the next level? Which relaxing candle is sparking our best nights sleep? 8.  What is the best salt for relaxation, muscle recovery, and sleep? 10. Bonus Q (no wrong answers here), what step do you take daily to destress? TO ENTER: please comment below with your answers labelled 1-10. Entries must be sent before midnight Thursday (02.05) and a winner will be announced on Friday morning. Good luck! ๐Ÿฅฐ 
For Stress Awareness Month 2024 the theme is