Photo Sharing Guidelines

Photo Sharing Guidelines

Photo Sharing Guidelines

Nothing brings us more joy than when you share your photos. For those of you who want to take content, but aren’t a seasoned selfie taker, here are some tips for grabbing the perfect shot:

Product shots

1 Keep the product name in focus.

2 Make sure the product you want to share is centre stage with no distractions.

3 Think about your placement and keep your background nice and neutral.

4 Show off your mani - if you’ve just had your nails done, get them in your shot. We love fresh nails almost as much as we love products.

5 The best light is natural daylight, we want to see your photos in crystal clear quality.

6 Keep it cool, calm and cropped - cut out anything that doesn’t add to the shot.

Here are some *gold-standard* examples:

Capturing your look

1Choose somewhere with good lighting – natural if possible. We love a golden hour glow.

2Face the source of lighting, so we can see your beautiful looks as much as possible.
Those of you who have a special selfie light, feel free to use this.

3Look up towards the camera…
OR if you’d like to show off your lid, aim to get one with your eyes lowered.

4Take against a plain background – white or cream if possible!

5Leave enough distance to see your whole face – no super close up pics please.
For iPhone users, Portrait mode is your best friend.

Take some inspo from our top selfie takers!