Beauty Routines
It's all about that glow tho!

It's all about that glow tho!

I have used alot of products in the past and it was all trial and error. I finally found my forever combo and I'm well proud! This is my night skincare routine. I wash my face with Korres Cleanser first in warm water then rinse in cold water. The more ice it is the better! Really helps pores and aid blood circulation around the eyes especially for dark circles and really does prep your skin for a good skincare regime and oh your skin will glow and feel so fresh! I then first use 'Heimish Marine Eye cream' as I do have fine lines and horrible dark circles. This does help alot and it very thick in consistency so this is really good for night. Then use 'Kate Somerville hydrakate gel cream' this is just beautiful and one pump is more than enough. It's very lightweight on the skin and has this spa scent to it which not overpowering at all! Helps sooth my skin if I have any redness but one thing the hydration is just out of this world. It's like a little pot of gold yallll this is the cream for all types esp for dry skin if you suffer from it and it does contain natural ingredients. *chefs kiss* I then lock if off with the 'Fresh Vitamin Nectar' face Mist which is just smells so air eatable. Really does put you in a spa mode and calming. It's so gentle on the skin when sprayed it doesnt come out so harsh like all mists this comes out all queit and gently. Then lastly lips need to always be so kissable. The Ciate lip oils are a must in your routine. It's sooo soooo hydrating which you don't need to keep applying. Once and your lips will stay soft and hydrated all day So night time I act it like a mask and in the morning my lips seem so full and soft. It's just a beautiful look which compliments my skin more!
Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream 30ml
KATE SOMERVILLE HydraKate Recharging Water Cream 50ml
Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Face Mist 100ml
Ciat� London Watermelon Nourising Lip Oil 10ml
Does your beauty routine have a theme?
All about glowy skin
Why do these products compliment each other so well?
Natural in ingredients.
What’s your beauty secret?
Wash face in warm water first then ice cold water for perfect glowy non breakout fresh skin.