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For the dry and the blemish prone...

I have combination skin and I actually used an aesthetician to help me curate the perfect routine for my skin. It has definitely made a difference although it is hard to tell which product is the magic one or if it is the combination, or if its other factors entirely!
Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse 150ml
Medik8 Daily Refresh Balancing Toner 150ml
Paula's Choice Azelaic Acid Booster 30ml
Thank You Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence 40ml
Does your beauty routine have a theme?
Products that hydrate whilst decongesting the skin
Why do these products compliment each other so well?
They clean the skin well but don't dry it out, also enables me to target areas where there are blemishes.
Whatโ€™s your beauty secret?
A good 8+ hours sleep!